Members Events: Συζητώντας για τα δημόσια γλυπτά του Γιώργου Ζογγολόπουλου - Εικόνα

Building on its successful endeavor of the years 2019 and 2021, Athens Photo World aims this year at an attempt to open up to the work of younger photographers, with the Teen Photographers’ Exhibition.

The central theme and title of the exhibition is “Humans and the Environment”. This initiative aims to encourage adolescents to become more engaged with the environment around them, placing it at the heart of their personal expression and externalization of their thoughts and feelings. In the same context, the use of their mobile phone acquires a broader dimension, beyond its well-known use as a means of communication and entertainment.

The entries will be selected by the project curator and the APW Artistic Director. The exhibition will be simultaneously presented in four parts across the city of Athens, corresponding to the four points of the horizon. The SNFCC perimeter will be the Southern part of the city hosting the works of teen photographers from the surrounding areas. 

July 01 - July 31, 2022 

SNFCC Perimeter

Athens Photo World 2022 is also holding a teens workshop for students from all over Greece who love photography and wish to enroll. 

Project Supporter: Samsung

Photo Credits: Kostas D

The event is made possible by a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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