DJ Set | Andy Smith (Ex-Portishead) - Εικόνα

Andy Smith was born and raised in the small town of Portishead, a few miles west of Bristol. Almost inevitably, he bonded with the legendary Portishead, made up of musicians of around the same age as himself, a band that played a leading role in the trip hop explosion of the ’90s. Smith was their tour DJ who would warm up the audience before their live performances; the one who chose the music for their official fan club, unfolding their varied influences on the sets. But Smith also stands for something much bigger than the honorific “Portishead DJ”.

Taking the baton from late ’80s audio alchemists like Coldcut, Andy Smith continued along this journey with no sound limitations and restrictions. In 1998, he released the mix album The Document, which eventually sold more than 100,000 copies, establishing him on both sides of the Atlantic as a milestone DJ of the freestyle music scene. Historic labels, such as Trojan, tasked him with curating their collections; twice he was included in the “World's 20 Best DJs”; and for nearly three decades he has been touring the globe with his favorite 7-inch vinyls, harmoniously mixing soul music, hip hop, dub, disco, soundtracks, and ’60s rock jams. 

Athens has danced several times to his music—besides, he was the Generations 2017 headliner DJ—and is now waiting for him once again, with great anticipation and comfortable dance shoes on.

Saturday 28/05 | 20.00 - 22.00

Free entry 

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