Cycling action: Skill games for children - Εικόνα

In a "bike park" with 6 different constructions, through which children and teenagers can improve their abilities and skills, we invite children to ride a bike with a nice and fun program that will be presented for the first time in Greece!

Through this program, a "cycling park" suitable for the education of children is created - for the first time. Children know the bike better and learn the secrets of safe riding through play!

In order to participate in the action, it is necessary for each child to come with his / her bicycle.

Design-Implementation: MBike


Saturday 16/7, 27/8, 10/9 | 17.00-21.00

Up to 4 participants per slot / slot duration: 20'
For children aged 5-15
Free admission by online preregistration (the activity is conducted in Greek)

     For the activity on16/07, pre-registration starts on Monday 11/07  at 12.00
    For the activity on 27/08, pre-registration starts on Monday 22/08  at 12.00
    For the activity on
     10/09, pre-registration starts on Monday 05/09 at 12.00

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