SNFCC Virtual Visit - Εικόνα
14 July 2021

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center remains true to its mission of redefining public space by offering free access in a multitude of recreational activities and events. From day one, it has operated as a meeting point for learning, entertainment, education and social interaction in a safe environment.

In fact, on a global level, the SNFCC is a unique example of efficient and constructive cooperation between the private and public sector.

Since the beginning of its operations, more than 18 million visits have been realized.

Sustainability has always been at the very heart of the SNFCC from its design and construction all the way to its daily operation. The SNFCC is the first large scale cultural construction in Europe with a LEED Platinum certification. This was the result of pioneering architectural features and the integration of active and passive technologies that make it one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the world. As an exemplar case of environmental sustainability, the SNFCC focuses on the adoption of innovative, globally recognized practices with the new "Culture and Green Mobility" initiative. The call to action is to raise public awareness on e-mobility and zero-emission mobility, offering:

  • Publicly accessible charging stations and the creation of the necessary infrastructure
  • An awareness campaign for the public aimed at highlighting a new «urban mobility education scheme», that consists of accessibility, the enhancement of the quality of life and the environment as well as economic growth.

We invite you to join our forces in this new venture of designing and creating an innovative program that will make Green Mobility the new way of living. 

To express your interest, please contact: 


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