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A Tribute to Εnnio Morricone

Voci dal silenzio

Ennio Morricone may have drifted into permanent “silence” on July 6th, at the age of 91, but the work he left behind, both in cinema and television (more than 400 scores for individual titles during the course of his career!), will forever be the background music not only to our images, but our pop culture and our lives. One of the top artists in his field, Morricone became synonymous early on with the genre of Italian spaghetti westerns, composing musical score “hymns” of timeless importance. His notes became the ideal soundtrack for an old-fashioned, traditional style of machismo that inspired the heroes of the movies for which he wrote music, but without taking away from his talent for romance, emotion and a nostalgic disposition for genuine melody. In his honor, the five films that make up this tribute include work of different timbres, demonstrating the broadness of his range.

Program coordinator: Ilias Frangoulis


Days of Heaven (1978): Plot

In 1916 America, a fugitive from the Law and his lover seek refuge in Texas, working for a rich landowner, who finds out he has a short time to live. Pretending to be brother and sister, they will try to take advantage of his failing health, with the lady of the pair hoping to marry him and inherit his wealth. Terence Malick’s second full length feature film was nominated for 4 Academy Awards (with Ennio Morricone’s first nomination among them) and was finally awarded the Oscar for Best Cinematography, for the true landmark work of Néstor Almendros. Malick took home the prize for Best Director from the 1979 Cannes Film Festival.

Director: Terrence Malick

Tuesday 08/09 | 20.30 


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