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“What's your favorite music?” If you have children who ask you this, and you have no idea where to even begin answering the question, then Generations is a very good starting point.

You can hear (and, why not, even dance) with them to the tunes of Andy Smith, the British DJ who toured with the legendary Portishead, boasting a very special track record as a selector over the past 30 years. Or of the other headliner DJ of Generations, Dan Donovan, who has been omnipresent in the British musical trends since the ’80s. Or of Queen Bee, a legendary figure of the Bristol music scene for the past 30 years. But also of some prominent DJs of the Greek freestyle music scene, ranging from hip hop and dub/reggae to breaks and dance electronica, such as Blend Mishkin, Anna Mystic, Junior SP., DJ Palov, Kill Emil, BNC, Dimitris Lilis, and George Garavellos.

At Generations, the DJ sets start at 11:00 a.m. and peak with the appearance of the headliners at around sundown. A rhythmic line-up ideally poised to introduce the young to adult music, and to prompt families to co-exist, perhaps for the first time, on the dancefloor, on the lawn of their favorite Park.


Saturday 28/05:

Andy Smith (Ex-Portishead) | 20.00
Blend Mishkin | 19.00
BNC | 18.00
Kill Emil | 17.00
Junior SP. | 14.00
Dimitris Lilis | 13.00
George Garavellos - Fun Dance Session | 11.00

Sunday 29/05:

Dan Donovan | 19.00
Queen Bee (Bristol Hi-Fi) |17.00
DJ Palov | 14.00
Anna Mystic | 13.00
George Garavellos - Fun Dance Session | 11.00

Saturday 28/05 | 11.00-22.30
Sunday 29/05 | 11.00-22.30


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