Hoop Dance Lessons - Εικόνα

A game of music, colorful hula hoops and positive attitude. Put on your comfies and your springtime mood, take your hula hoops and join us to play and learn basic tricks with our beloved plastic hoop.

Design-Implementation: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti | Fabrica Athens

Saturday 28/05 | 17.00-17.45 & 18.00-18.45
Sunday 29/05 | 17.00-17.45 & 18.00-18.45


Up to 30 participants (15 children and 15 attendances) / slot

Free admission on a first-come first-served basis 

Registration for each activity starts 30 minutes before the event's commencement.

For the activity it is suggested that the participants bring their own hula hoops, while there will be hula hoops available for those who do not have them.

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