Park Your Cinema Kids: Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020) - Εικόνα

The Athens International Children’s Film Festival chose a single key word to resound across this season’s Park Your Cinema Kids — Music!

We invite young viewers and their families to sing, dance and move to the beat of joy, adventure and friendship, with a series of all-time favorite films that exalt music in every possible way. From Sing, with the talented animal-singers who follow their dream, to the Lion King remake featuring the much loved “Hakuna Matata,” this year’s range of options offers a fun getaway from the day-to-day, as well as valuable takeaways for all ages, conveyed through melodious stories that promote free expression, understanding and perseverance to achieve any goal.

For who’s to say that the Great Lawn of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center isn’t also a dance floor?

Jungle Beat: The Movie (2020)
One morning, the animals of the jungle wake up to discover that they can speak. They are even more surprised when they find out what is causing this unprecedented phenomenon: There’s an alien in the jungle! Fneep has come to conquer Earth and has brought some amazing technology with him, including a translation device that allows animals to talk. Our heroes will not let a failed alien invasion attempt spoil the opportunity to have fun with a new friend. As the animals help Fneep go home, the alien comes to understand that friendship is the most powerful force in the universe. But can friendship face up to a spaceship full of aliens?

Directed by:  Brent Dawes
Screenplay by: Brent Dawes, Sam Wilson

Duration: 88ʹ

The film will be screened dubbed in Greek.

Saturday 27/08 | 21.00
Great Lawn  

Free Entrance

Viewers are advised to bring mosquito-repellent, as well as a throw or blanket to spread on the ground.

Park your cinema and Park your cinema Kids series are free and open to all, thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 


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