Parklife | La Femme - Εικόνα

As summer continues, the last installment of Parklife concludes the season at the SNFCC.
Many feel that September is the best month of the year in Athens. People return to the city, with lots of summer stories to tell and a rich agenda of events to attend — and a big live concert party is always the best way to capture this mood. Only a handful of bands are able to fulfill this mission as well as the French La Femme provenly can — and they will be joined on stage by two prominent local groups, The Steams and Dury Dava, for a night filled with pumped up guitar riffs brimming with psychedelia.
La Femme

In the long list of bands that have developed a special relationship with the Athenian public over the years, La Femme is probably the latest addition, staging exciting live concerts in the Greek capital since 2016. 

Based in Paris, but originally from Biarritz of the Pyrenees, (founded in 2010 by Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée), the French collective launched, in the 2010s, a proposition that was to become the next big thing in the French pop tradition, imbuing it with a diverse mixture of elements: the krautrock sound of the 1970s alongside the hip hop of the 1990s; the carefree spirit of surf rock alongside psychedelic escapism; disco hedonism alongside electro touches. Each of these elements is present in all of the three albums they have released so far, composing a “Dadaist audio collage” (as has been written in the international music press) that is difficult to capture in words but is utterly experienced at their Dionysiac concerts. 

La Femme, arguably one of the best modern-day live bands, are returning to Athens determined to paint the town red.

Watch more videos of La Femme here.
The Steams
Inspired by the American acid rock that peaked at the end of the 1960s, as well as the more mature, mystical influences of classic psychedelia of the early 1970s (Jefferson Airplane, The Doors), the four-member band The Steams is currently at the forefront of the Athenian neo-psyche scene. Their first album, Wild Ferment, was released in 2018 and their second one, Mild Conquest, in June 2022. They have appeared alongside The Cure, Michael Kiwanuka, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Lumerians, Naxatras, and others. 

Watch videos of The Steams here.

Dury Dava
The sound of the up-and-coming five-member band Dury Dava (a wordplay on the Greek word “davadury” meaning hubbub) is a bold Greek-speaking mix of psychedelic rock sounds, krautrock fixations and oriental elements. In April 2022 they released their second album, Deluxe.

Watch videos of Dury Dava here.

Friday 02/09 | 19.30

Free Admission

The concert is made possible by a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).



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