Members' Event Kids | Visual Arts Workshop: Strange is “cool” | Strange Figures - Εικόνα

Creativity, imagination and ingenuity are the main tools for this workshop! During the workshop, the little Members of the SNFCC will have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of the Peculiar. Our guide to this exploration will be the artist Louise Bourgeois.

The workshop attempts to familiarize us with what is strange, different, peculiar. Through various activities, the kids will try to better understand a different way of expression and will be called upon to give to themselves a strange form. Through visual arts workshops and play, they will discover the enormous power of creativity.

On the occasion of Bourgeois' iconic Maman, creativity will be highlighted as a tool for expressing and managing people's emotions. Lastly, through group activities, the little participants will come into contact with different views and approaches, which they will try to respect and understand.

Design - Implementation: Konstantinos Kotsis, visual artist
Workshop Support: Anastasia Mikrou, visual artist 

Saturday 19/11 | 11.30 – 13.30

For children aged 7 to 10
Up to 20 participants - Members only

Free entry via online pre-registration

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