Permanent exhibition MONUMENTA: “Tracing Human Presence and Life” - Εικόνα

The site where Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is built encompasses captivating stories dating from the ancient times to the present day. The permanent exhibition “Tracing Human Presence and Life” on the ground floor of the National Library of Greece Lending Department was created in order to unveil many of them.

Young and old visitors alike have the opportunity to become acquainted with the transformation of the site, from Necropolis in Antiquity, to marshland during the Byzantine and Ottoman era, to horse racing track in modern times, to Cultural Center since 2017. Archives (Ergoliptiki SA, Giannis Lamprou Collection) and narrations reveal fascinating stories, big and small.

The exhibition opens during the 5-day celebrations for the five years of the SNFCC’s operation. It has been set up by MONUMENTA, in cooperation with the National Library of Greece and the SNFCC, with the support of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus and the Islands. The exhibition is staged thanks to a Stavros Niarchos Foundation grant.


Daily from 19 to 23 February | 09:30-20:00

Free Entrance

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