Mythologies | A show for families - Εικόνα

*The show on August 29 is postponed and will take place on Monday, September 5, at 19.30.


Two narrators, an actor and a musician, each with their own tools, pick up the thread of a myth and guide the public along its unknown paths. Thanks to them, we will be reacquainted with the Minotaur, the Argonauts, the Labours of Heracles, and other more or less well-known stories.

And as we will be remembering these stories, we will be immersed into different perspectives of each myth: What did the Labyrinth look like to Theseus’s ball of twine? How did the right paddle of the ship Argo experience the trip? A peculiar theatrical puzzle that opens up new dimensions, possibilities and stories, based upon the myths we already know. Our travel companions will be objects, songs, and all the possible paradoxical soundscapes that can be produced by a piano and the electronic sounds that will be circling the stage. Six different performances for children and adults, with plenty of humor and imagination. Six bizarre narratives that go to prove that, depending on the angle from which you are looking at a story, the latter may take on a new shape and form, one that you had never imagined it would.

The show is a group creation.
Directed by: Sofia Paschou
Actor: Apostolis Psychramis
Music Composition, On-stage Musician: Nikos Galenianos
Props: Elli Papadaki


July 3, 19.30 
Mythologies: The Minotaur, Theseus & the Ball of Twine

July 10, 19.30 
Mythologies: Daedalus, Icarus & the Sparrow

August 28, 19.30 
Mythologies: Heracles, His Labours & the Lion's Skin

September 04, 19.00
Mythologies: Pegasus, Bellerophontes & the Cloud

September 05, 19.30
Mythologies: Jason, the Argonauts & the Right Paddle 

September 11, 19.00
Mythologies: The Monsters, the Creatures & the Boat



For children aged 5+

Advance Ticket Sales Points:
•    online on Ticket Services website
•    by phone: 210 7234567 (Ticket Services)

Ticket Prices: 
General entrance € 10, reduced € 5

Concession tickets of 5€ are available to students, people aged 65+, children and young people aged up to 18 years old, the unemployed, companions of Persons with Disabilities, multi-child families and residents of the Municipality of Kallithea.

Online tickets pre-sales (Members)
Online tickets pre-sales (Public)

Pre-sale for Members starts on Thursday 28/07 at 12.00
Pre-sale for the public starts on Friday 29/07 at 12.00

On the day of the event, concession ticket holders will be asked to show their ID, as well as supporting documentation (student card, unemployment card, family status certificate for multi-child parents, utility bill for residents of Kallithea)

Ιmportant information:

  • Pre-sale starts on Thursday 28/07 at 12.00 for SNFCC Members.
  • Pre-sale starts on Friday 29/07 at 12.00 for the public.
  • Doors open at 19.00 (18.30 for the events in September)
  • Entrance will be possible up to 10 minutes before the event's commencement.
  • Pre-sale is required. No order of priority will be available on-site.
  • All SNFCC areas are accessible to people with disabilities.
  • For more information or clarifications, please contact the SNFCC switchboard on 216 8091000.


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