Members’ Event For Adults | Ode to Animals: Wild animals come to life at home through art! - Εικόνα

Animals have always been a source of inspiration and representation in Art from prehistory to the present day. After all, Art is the means to explore our relationship with wildlife and helps us to redefine our behavior towards animals and the environment.

November 2022

Members’ Event | Ode to Animals: Wild animals come to life at home through art!
For Adults

At our second meeting, which is now addressed to adults, we will be drawing inspiration from the wildlife images by French artist Henri Rousseau, who painted wild animals in their natural environment although he never left France and never saw a jungle. We will become acquainted with the simplicity, naturalness and spontaneity of instinctive creation, the so-called naïve art.

Design - Implementation: Christina Tsinisizeli, visual artist

Saturday 12/11 | 11.30 – 14.30

Up to 20 participants – Adult Members only
Free entry via online pre-registration


Next workshop:

December 2022
Members’ Event | Ode to Animals: Fuzzy Embrace

Saturday 17/12 | 11.30 – 14.30

The workshops are part of the 3-month cycle designed to celebrate World Animal Day (October 4); they are inspired by animals, highlighting our mature and responsible attitude towards them as humans.

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