Playing Football with Amputee Football Hellas  - Εικόνα

Para Table Tennis, featured at the Paralympic Games, presents very few differences from its Olympics counterpart, with only minor adaptations to facilitate athletes on wheelchairs. Students pick up their favorite paddle and let the invited athletes of Panathinaikos Para Table Tennis Team show them how speed and fast reflexes do not discriminate!

In cooperation with: Panathinaikos Para Table Tennis Team


Friday 03/12 | 09.00-12.00

The activity takes place every 30 'for the school departments

1 school section participates in each slot

The application for participation in the school programs is made by telephone at 2168091005

For any information or clarification, you can contact us via email at


The participations in the school programs of the SNFCC on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons were completed.


For the participation of school groups in SNFCC programs, all health protection measures are observed. For the participation of students, a demonstration of the most recent self-test with a negative result is required, which they have carried out in the context of protection measures set by NPHO for students and the entire school community. Alternatively, students can participate in the programs by presenting a valid certificate of recovery or certificate of vaccination. Teacher participation requires the demonstration of a valid vaccination certificate or recovery certificate, or a rapid test with a negative result (up to 48 hours).

All school programs were designed and are made available free of charge through a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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