Kathimerini's GK magazine features an interview with Andreas Dracopoulos and an extensive presentation of the SNFCC - Εικόνα

A creative movement workshop which seeks to acquaint children with the core concepts of Physics through experiential play and improvisation. The concepts the workshops addresses all have a direct link to the work of Takis, in which the Greek sculptor explores electromagnetic forces, wind energy, light, space and other aspects of the natural world. His works are often referred to as kinetic sculptures.

So, with Takis’ works on display in the public space of the SNFCC, our young participants will be transformed into kinetic sculptures, play at being small magnets moved by nature’s ‘invisible’ forces, and travel through the magical world of space through the eyes of the planets.


07/07: Wind energy: We learn about the intensity and direction of the winds.

21/07: Magnetic fields: We learn about the properties of magnetism, attraction-repulsion.

11/08: Solar system: We learn about the gravity and orbit of the planets around the sun.

09/09 States of matter: Through the cycle of water, we learn about the states of matter solid-liquid-gas


Design - Implementation: Aggeliki Dalaggeli, dance teacher / physicist

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 


Wednesday 07/07
1st slot: 19.00 - 20.00
2nd slot: 20.15 - 21.15

Wednesday 21/07
1st slot: 18.45-19.45
2nd slot: 20.00-21.00

Wednesday 11/08
1st slot: 18.30-19.30
2nd slot: 19.45-20.45

Thursday 09/09
1st slot: 18.00-19.00
2nd slot: 19.15-20.15


For children aged 8 - 11
Up to 16 children

Free admission by online pre-registration (the activity is conducted in Greek)

For the activity on 09/09, pre-registration starts on Monday 06/09 at 12.00.


Children should always be accompanied by parents or adult chaperones, who should stay outside the activity area for as long as the activity lasts.

For their safe participation, participants must demonstrate upon arrival at the venue, a negative COVID-19 test result (24-hour self-test, 48-hour rapid test, or 72-hour PCR).

* No Covid-19 test (PCR, rapid, self test) is required for fully-vaccinated participants. Participants must meet one of the below: Have completed both doses of vaccination for COVID-19 with any of the E.U. approved vaccine, providing the EU digital COVID certificate, and the last dose must have been completed at least 14 days ago, or have recovered from COVID-19 disease, valid for at least 30 days and at most 180 days after the initial positive result.

For all cases of an official document demonstration, a parallel identity check of the holder will be carried out.

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants.

The use of face mask and social distancing measures are mandatory in indoor and outdoor areas of the SNFCC, in accordance with Hellenic National Public Health Organization regulations. 

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