Rag-rug: A small artwork - Εικόνα

Traditional rural societies used to convert useless materials into fine handicrafts. One such item was the “rag-rug”.

In this workshop, the rag-rug is reframed in the present time, inspiring us to weave mini rag-rugs using plastic waste and old fabrics to create an original artwork.

Design - Implementation: Very Young Contemporary Art - VYCA and Margarita Georgopoulou, crochet artist & PE teacher.

Saturday 24/09 & Subday 25/09 | 11.00, 11.50, 12.40 & 13.30


For children 7 and over, with their companion
Up to 20 people and 20 companions per slot (40')
Free entry on a first-come, first-served basis

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