Architecture Lab: Equilibrists in Space - Εικόνα

Exploring urban space becomes an exciting journey guided by George Zongolopoulos’ sculptures. Children become familiar with key concepts related to space, the city, architecture, habitation, materials, and learn about floating, movement and balance.

Is it balanced, or not? Does it fly or stay still? Taking the T.I.T.F. sculpture that represents "The Victory of Samothrace" in an abstract way as a starting point, children make multiplane sculptures from different materials and explore scale and movement in space in the city.

Design-Implementation: Athens Super Script


Sunday 12/05 | 17.00 - 18.30

For children 6-10 years old
Up to 20 participants per workshop 
Free admission by online preregistration (the workshop is conducted in Greek)

Preregistration starts on Thursday 02/05

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