Cancellation: Bubble Parade - Εικόνα

Cancellation of Carnival & Koulouma Events (01/03 & 02/03)

Following the respective Ministerial Decision and the announcement of the Region of Attica, the events of SNFCC scheduled for the last Carnival Sunday (01/03) and Clean Monday (02/03) are cancelled.

As a result, free parking at the Faliro Olympic Complex (Taekwondo) will not be available.

The rest of SNFCC events will continue to be held as scheduled.

In case of changes in the events schedule due to public health measures we recommend that you visit our website for information and updates.


A participatory parade with millions of bubbles! 

Masterfully balancing between time and timelessness, La Petite Marguerite invite visitors of all ages to enter into a dreamy world and to experiment with its materials. A magical landscape of bubbles will fill the air at the SNFCC Agora.

Design–Implementation: La Petite Marguerite


Sunday 01/03

Free admission


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