Cancellation: DJ Espeekay - Εικόνα

Cancellation of Carnival & Koulouma Events (01/03 & 02/03)

Following the respective Ministerial Decision and the announcement of the Region of Attica, the events of SNFCC scheduled for the last Carnival Sunday (01/03) and Clean Monday (02/03) are cancelled.

As a result, free parking at the Faliro Olympic Complex (Taekwondo) will not be available.

The rest of SNFCC events will continue to be held as scheduled.

In case of changes in the events schedule due to public health measures we recommend that you visit our website for information and updates.


A restless, creative DJ, Espeekay –a.k.a. Nikos Barpakis– lands to the SNFCC to get us on our feet in a high-energy DJ set of exciting sounds and non-stop dancing.

Urban music, exotic rhythms and universal sounds are part of Espeekay’s creative palette, in a mosaic of references that won’t leave anybody untouched. With this unmistakable sound mix in his luggage that has been electrifying street parties and festivals for 20 years now, Espeekay will hit the decks to make us dance to his uplifting soundscapes at the SNFCC’s carnival party.

Sunday 01/03  

Free admission

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