Celebrating European Natura 2000 Day and the Conservation of the Natural Environment - Εικόνα

Protecting the most beautiful and fragile nature in Greece, Natura 2000 network is coming alive at SNFCC’s Mediterranean Garden.

Using finger paints, we will create a giant mosaic communicating our support for the conservation of natural ecosystems. Inspired by the wealth of biodiversity in Greece, we will create animals and plants that reflect the unique heritage of Greek nature. Through our mosaic, we will voice our support for the largest network of protected areas in the world. Finally, we will embark on an amazing virtual-reality tour to a Natura 2000 protected area.

Design–Implementation: LIFE-IP 4 NATURA

(Ministry of Environment and Energy, University of Patras, Democritus University of Thrace, WWF Greece, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Region of Crete, Region of East Macedonia & Thrace, Region of Attica, Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Western Macedonia, Green Fund)

For children 4+, young persons and families.


Sunday 19/05

Up to 25 participants (parents and children) per 30ʹ session
Free admission on a first-come first-served basis*

*A priority list will be created at the Mediterranean Garden 30' before the start of the event

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