Photo from the Ceramics Workshop

Pottery is an art involving earth, water and fire. Examples of antique pottery and contemporary design stimulate workshop participants to a hands-on exploration of pottery making and decorating techniques, while learning interesting tidbits about the art of pottery. Together, children and grown-ups use unformed, natural clay to build forms by hand, translating imagination into art through creativity.

The origins of ceramics:
In July’s sessions, a 7,000-year-old painted pot and a clay figure will take you through a journey of initiation into the primeval art of pottery.

Curation: Nikos Liaros, Archeologist – Ceramic Artist
Design–Implementation: Erianna Arvaniti, Educator – Ceramic Artist/ Thalassini Bratsou, Art Historian – Ceramic Artist


Monday 22, 29/07

For children aged 5–10 and their adult chaperones
Up to 12 children and 12 adult chaperones
Free admission by online preregistration (the workshop is conducted in Greek)

For the workshops held from 16/07 to 22/07, preregistration starts on Monday 08/07 at 12.00
For the workshops held from 23/07 to 31/07, preregistration starts on Monday 15/07 at 12.00

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