Christmas Sculptures: Music-and-movement creative workshop - Εικόνα

An experience of music-and-movement games and visual stimuli is offered in this year’s SNFCC Christmas World!
Ribbons, balls, finger paints and other materials activate our imagination to be transformed into Christmas sculptures through an interactive game.
In a safe and fun environment, children and parents enjoy the interaction within the group, through original music-and-movement games and visual stimuli. 

Design - Implementation: Anna Konstantinou, Animator of Non-competitive Play 
Workshop Support: Niovi Kalokyri, Educator

Sunday, Dec. 10, 
Thursday, Dec. 28 & Jan. 04
Maker Space

For children 18 months to 2.5 years old 


For children 3 to 5 years old 
Up to 10 children and 10 chaperones per slot

Free admission; online preregistration required

Preregistration starts at 12.00:

  • on 4/12 for 10/12
  • on 21/12 for 28/12
  • on 28/12 for 4/1

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