Clean Monday at the Stavros Niarchos Park - Εικόνα

Once again, the SNFCC is celebrating Clean Monday with a concert honoring the Greek musical and dance tradition. Kites, colors and tunes invite us to welcome Spring!

On Clean Monday, from 12:00 to 15:00, Professor of Ethnomusicology Lambros Liavas is curating and presenting, at the Great Lawn of the Stavros Niarchos Park, a grand shindig featuring traditional tunes and beats. Carnival maypole dancing (gaitanaki), syrto, kalamatiano, kangeli, tsamiko, Epirotan pogonisio, Thracian zonaradiko, hasapiko from Constantinople, karsilamas from Smyrna, ballos from the islands and pyrrhichios are presented with an open invitation to the public to join in.

The tone is set by violin virtuoso Nikos Economides with singer Kyriaki Spanou, as well as by the Dimitris Kotsikas Band with Kozani Brass Band and singer Elias Gakos.

An incomparable pundit of the codes of Greek traditional music, boasting several studies, academic papers and extensive travel throughout Greece, Lambros Liavas is calling on us to see off the “Apokries” in this time-honored, authentic manner.

Participating in the festival with traditional dance companies are “Glentistades” from the Mesotopos of Lesbos as well as the Folkloric Dance Club “Choropedia” (curation: Vasilis Karfis - Maria Ziaka).

Curation-Presentation: Lambros Liavas

Nikos Economides Band
Nikos Economides: violin, vocals
Kyriaki Spanou: vocals
Panagiotis Vergos: santouri
Giorgos Gavras: laouto

Dimitris Kotsikas Band
Dimitris Kotsikas: clarinet, vocals
Elias Gakos: vocals
Giorgos Kotsikas: violin
Nikos Angelopoulos: laouto
Markos Tzioukalias: trumpet
Giorgos Tsiganas: trombone
Thanasis Kotsikas: percussion

Clean Monday 27/02 | 12.00-15.00

Free entrance

The event will will be broadcast live on ERT2.

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