DJ Set | Queen Bee (Bristol Hi-Fi) - Εικόνα

Her Instagram handle is @bristolqueen essentially capturing the truth since Queen Bee has been reigning supreme in the ever-interesting music scene of this city of southwest England since the late ’80s. Starting out from Bristol’s small clubs, Roz Melina Skordilis (her last name giving away her Corfu ancestry) reached the point of playing before thousands of people at huge festivals, such as Shambala, Womad and Glastonbury, constituting in fact 1/3 of the famous Bristol Hi-Fi Soundsystem, alongside Massive Attack’s Daddy G and Mr Benn. 
Covering a wide musical range, from reggae and afrobeat, to house, drum ’n’ bass and dancehall, the “queen” lives and breathes funk and will make sure to pack it along with her on her way to Athens. 

Κυριακή 29/05 | 17.00 - 19.00

Ελεύθερη Είσοδος

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