The Emergence of Life: Lectures on Early Human Life - Motherhood - Εικόνα

On International Mother's Day, Sunday 12/05, the concluding lecture in the series The Emergence of Life examines the transition to motherhood. Early on in their lives, women learn that their bodies are able to host new life. Whether or not they bear children, all women have to come to terms with motherhood as a possibility, as desire, as reality.

What questions do women ask themselves who choose to become mothers? What is it like for modern-day women to experience the transition to motherhood? How does a woman think and feel during pregnancy, as well as following childbirth, about her body, her relationship with her child, her partner, her career – her life in general? What does adaptation to life with a child involve and how can women best prepare for this transition? What are the mental challenges faced during pregnancy and after childbirth, and how to deal with them? What kind of support is required so that modern-day mothers may enjoy motherhood and their personal lives?

Yannis Zervas, Professor of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical School, University of Athens
Eleni Rigoutsou, Clinical Psychologist – Psychoanalyst, Fainareti Non-Profit Organization

Design - Implementation: Fainareti

Fainareti non-profit organization was founded in 2006 to promote perinatal health care services in Greece, including the health of pregnant women, newborns and babies, parents and the family through specialized intervention in perinatal care and support.


Sunday 12/05 | 17.00 - 18.30

Free admission

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