The Gardeners of the Park: Planting vegetables, flowers and herbs - Εικόνα

Workshop 1: Vitamins for the summer!
The Forest Group [Parea tou Dasous] is welcoming our young friends at the Vegetable Garden of the SNFCC, with a specially designed interactive game that helps them discover information about the vitamins and nutritional value of summer vegetables.

They will then convert recyclable materials into seedbeds, planting summer vegetable seeds for their home vegetable garden.

Sunday, April 23

Workshop 2: Flowers for our home!
Playing and exploring together, we discover the magic of flowers, their relationship with insects and their important role in plant life. We learn to recognize some typical spring plants, and we plant seeds and bulbs of colorful spring flowers for our home!

Sunday, May 7

Workshop 3: Discovering the world of herbs!
Taking our cue from the herbs of the Mediterranean Garden, we learn to recognize some typical Greek aromatic herbs and discover their admirable therapeutic properties! We then learn how to plant aromatic herbs by means of grafts, how to collect them and how to dry them.

Sunday, June 11

Up to 20 participants
For children aged 6 to 12
Free admission with online preregistration

For the workshop on 23/04, pre-registration starts on 17/04 at 12.00

For the workshop on 07/05, pre-registration starts on 01/05 at 12.00

For the workshop on 11/06, pre-registration starts on 05/06 at 12.00

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