Johns Hopkins University and SNF Present: An Interactive Global Health Data Experience - Εικόνα

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the true extent of health disparities around the world, bringing to light the systemic inequities that span available healthcare infrastructure and environmental conditions. These disparities manifest in an inequitable disease burden that disproportionately harms our most vulnerable populations, especially during pandemics and other public health crises. Throughout the last two and a half years, the COVID-19 pandemic forced public health systems, governments, and individuals to act, and progress was made on many fronts. However, the energy, focus, and resources that are now centered on improving public health systems cannot fade away as the effects of COVID-19 diminish. Critically, the emphasis on publicly accessible and actionable data driven by the pandemic must persist and be further invested in to address long-standing health disparities and ensure a more equitable world.

The datasets and visualization methods throughout this exhibit highlight some of the most pressing health inequalities of today and hopefully encourage discussion of how to address them.

20/06 - 3/07, 10:00 - 22:00, Book Castle NLG

The event takes place in the context of SNF Nostos Health by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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