Roller Skates for kids - Εικόνα

Recreation, exercise, or transport? Skates are all of these at the same time! Children see for themselves and practice their balance in these self-contained introductory classes.

No prior experience is required. Participants must bring their own equipment (roller skates, helmets, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads)

Design-Implementation: skate academy/Yannis Kousparis, certified instructor

Wednesday 06/07 & 03/08 

Sunday 04/09



For children aged 6-12 | Up to 20 participants per slot
Free admission by online pre-registration (the activity is conducted in Greek)

For the activity on 06/07, pre-registration starts on Thursday 30/06 at 12.00
For the activity on 03/08, pre-registration starts on Wednesday 27/07 at 12.00
For the activity on
 04/09, pre-registration starts on Monday 29/08 at 12.00

  • For your participation, you have to be at the allocated space 15 minutes before the event commences.
  • Online reservations are canceled 15 minutes before the event commences, if their holders are not present at the allocated space.

No previous experience is required. To participate in the action, children need to bring their own equipment (skates, helmets, knee pads, shoulder pads and elbows).

Children should always be accompanied by parents or adult chaperones, who should stay outside the activity area for as long as the activity lasts.

 Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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