Silent Disco Party by SNFCC Youth Council - Εικόνα

Drawing inspiration from this year’s theme of the Stavros Niarchos Park Light Installations Festival titled “Gatherings,” the SNFCC Youth Council is organizing a Christmas Silent Disco Party at the Dome.

Under the light of Tom and Lien Dekyvery’s installation “Rhizome” — a multi-layered web of stretched thin strings-like ropes — we are throwing a party without speakers, but with many wireless headphones. A different kind of gathering, where will all share a musical dance experience together, with our headphones as our shared point of contact.

Two DJs are mixing live various different kinds of music, giving the audience the opportunity to choose what they wish to listen to on their headsets: Will you choose to simply go along with your friends, or will you get to meet new people with whom you share the same musical interests?

DJ Sets: DJ Bellas | DJ Floba

Saturday, Dec. 09

Free admission, on a first-come, first-served basis

* For your participation, you will need to hand in your ID card or driver's license in order to pick up your headphones.

On 09/12, there will be extra Shuttle Bus routes:

Syntagma– Syggrou-Fix – SNFCC 22:30 | 23:30

SNFCC – Syggrou-Fix – Syntagma 00:30 | 01:30 | 02:30


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