08 March 2013

The Stavros Niachos Foundation Cultural Center S.A. announces the completion of the process to select the top ten (10) architectural proposals/ideas, which were submitted as part of the National Architectural Students’ Competition for the “Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) construction site Visitors Center” project.
The project, which was announced on the 11th of January, pertains to the design of a light, temporary structure at the SNFCC construction site, which will serve as a “Visitors Center” and information point for the SNFCC, while it is under construction. The competition was open to all Architecture students, currently studying at undergraduate level in Greek Architectural Schools and equivalent University and Polytechnic Departments.
A total of 94 proposals were submitted. The competition’s judging panel, consisting of members of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s Technical Department, Dr. Theodore Maravelias, Architectural Engineer, Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s Technical Department and Member of the SNFCC S.A. Board of Directors, and Asimina Koutroumpousi, Architectural Engineer; as well as the SNFCC design team, Ioannis Ventourakis, Architectural Engineer, Nikos Jurovic, Civil Engineer, and Ioannis Damianos, Mechanical Engineer, selected the top ten, in accordance with the terms of the competition.
Following that, the SNFCC architect, Renzo Piano, will evaluate the 10 shortlisted proposals and select the top 3, as well as naming the overall winner of the competition, soon.
The high quality of a large number of entries confirms the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s belief that the SNFCC is a project of hope and faith in the future of Greece, while further highlighting the importance of similar initiatives in identifying and promoting the country’s most capable and creative forces.
It should be noted that, in accorance with the terms of the competition, all proposals were submitted and assessed anonymously, and the entrants’ details will remain sealed until the final winner is selected by Renzo Piano. The entrants’ details have not been publicized along with today’s announcement of the top ten proposals, and all entrants have been asked to preserve their anonymity until the end of the competition, as doing otherwise constitutes a breach of its terms and carries the penalty of disqualification.
To see the top 10 proposals, and for all information regarding the competition, please click here.

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