Off Premises SNFCC Members:Towards the sea: A city walk exploring the neighborhood of SNFCC

Ever since it first opened its doors, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre became an attraction for thousands of visitors. It has been established as a popular destination for the Athenian crowds, with people from every part of the city assembling here on a daily basis. Like every other landmark though, the SNFCC isn´t only defined by the space it occupies but also by its surroundings. It takes only a short stroll around the area delineating its premises to realise the strikingly fragmented landscape.

Off Premises SNFCC Members:Towards the sea: A city walk exploring the neighborhood of SNFCC  - Εικόνα

Members' Events for Families: Interactive family tour at the “Takis: Cosmos in Motion” exhibition

Takis: “Welcome to Stavros Niarchos Park. I am about to take a walk. I really enjoy the long walks out in the Nature. Would you like to join me? One minute, please, to put on my hat*!”

Εκδηλώσεις Μελών για οικογένειες: Διαδραστική Ξενάγηση για παιδιά στην έκθεση Takis: Κόσμος σε Κίνηση - Εικόνα

Members' Tours: Sword in Hand | Exclusive guided tours for SNFCC Members by the National Library of Greece

* The tour on 14/10 is postponed to 27/10, due to exceptional weather conditions. The National Library of Greece is proud to present ‘Sword in Hand’, an exhibition of drawings by Thanassis Makris and offers four unique guided tours with exclusive guests*, exclusively for the SNFCC Members.

Members' Tours: Εν ξιφήρεις | Ξεναγήσεις αποκλειστικά για τα Μέλη του ΚΠΙΣΝ από την Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη της Ελλάδος - Εικόνα

Members' Meetup: Finding Balance| Looking for ways to establish calmness and balance, everyday

During this meetup, we will discover new methods for boosting our balance and calmness, we will discuss about the importance of self-awareness to our mental and physical health and we will learn simple ways to offer ourselves the time and space needed for balancing better our everyday lives.   Having in mind the question: “What could emerge from silence?”, the session will include: 

Members' Meetup: Βρίσκοντας Ισορροπία | Αναζητώντας τρόπους για ηρεμία και σταθερότητα στην καθημερινότητα - Εικόνα

Members' Events: Art Workshops | Motifs in Motion

On the occasion of the Takis: Cosmos in Motion exhibition held at the SNFCC this autumn, Vlefaro live cinema and visual artist Angeliki Bozou are running a series of visual arts workshops inspired by Takis’ sculptures. During this workshop, which will be held exclusively for Members, participants will engage in an educational process based on experience and experimentation, which is the visual artist’s area of research.

Members' Events: Art Workshops | Motifs in Motion - Εικόνα

Members' Tours: Exhibition | Takis: Cosmos in Motion

The series of exclusive tours for the SNFCC Members to the major exhibition of iconic sculptures by the internationally-acclaimed visual artist Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis, 1925–2019), is back for October.  

Members' Tours: Exhibition | Takis: Cosmos in Motion - Εικόνα