The reasons why the SNFCC is a destination of joy are many. Thousands of events for everyone and countless festive moments, in a place of convening, carefreeness, and recreation. Joy shared with visitors and the public during the holiday season, joy created in many moments throughout the year: from the various events for all ages and family festivals, to the endless games at the Stavros Niarchos Park and the Dancing Fountains in the Canal.

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Encouraging sports and physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is a key priority for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The SNFCC’s running track, including the outdoor gym, is open daily from 6am until midnight; admission is free for all. The outdoor games area hosts basketball, football, tennis and other sports. Around the SNFCC there is a 2.5km bike lane, while the SNFCC Canal accommodates kayaks and sailboats.

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An integral part of the SNFCC's vision is to become a learning space for all, regardless of age and educational background, offering access to education and skill-building opportunities, without financial or other barriers to entry. Starting with art, architecture, nature and technology, the SNFCC's educational programs encourage participants to discover their potential and broaden their range of interests.  

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Sustainability Hub

SNFCC is a leading example of environmental sustainability at three levels: design & construction, operation, footprint in the local ecosystem.

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