Frequently Asked Questions - Εικόνα


  • The SNFCC Membership Program is a fundraising activity that aims at the sustainability of the SNFCC. With their contribution, our Members support the future operation of the SNFCC, while enjoying in return specially designed benefits in relation to its events and services.

  • As a Member of the SNFCC, you contribute to the future operation and sustainability of the SNFCC. You get in touch, support and enjoy benefits over its three main pillars: the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and the Stavros Niarchos Park.
    You have the opportunity to interact and connect with people, participate in events, fill yourself with unique experiences and become part of a space open and accessible to all.

  • As a "thank you" for your support you enjoy a number of benefits such as discounts, priority booking and special offers. Find out more about our Members’ benefits here.

  • Upon registration, you will receive your digital card which will soon be replaced by the physical Member card. By showing your digital or physical card during your visit to the SNFCC, you can enjoy your benefits.

  • Registering for the SNFCC Membership Program is simple. You may register here, or during your next visit at the SNFCC at the Membership Service Point (NLG Reception). Opening hours: daily 10am – 10pm.

  •  Υou can choose between our four Basic Membership levels. More information on the available Membership levels can be found here. Membership fees range between €30-€90, depending on the Membership type you select.

  • Your SNFCC Membership is of annual duration.

  • Your Membership will not be renewed automatically. Following your Membership’s expiration, if you still wish to continue supporting the SNFCC and enjoying Membership benefits, you may choose to renew your Μembership at your desired category by paying the respective fee.

  • Following your Membership subscription, you will receive your personalized Membership Card in both digital and physical form. For onsite registrations, Members receive their Membership Card and welcome pack automatically, from the Member Service Point at the NLG Reception. For online subscriptions, Members will receive their Card and welcome pack by post.

  • Yes, it is possible to purchase a Membership subscription as a gift to offer to friends or relatives, thus supporting the actions of the SNFCC. This is how your loved ones can enjoy the SNFCC Members exclusive benefits as well! You may purchase a Gift Membership here.

  • The SNFCC Gift Membership you received includes a unique Membership activation code, which you may use for your subscription. You can either register online, or at the SNFCC, at the Members’ Service Point. If you wish to activate your subscription online, you may follow the link “BECOMING A MEMBER” on top of our homepage, then select your Membership category and fill in the registration form with your personal details. To submit the registration form, all you have to do is enter your activation code in the “Promotional code” field. Please ensure that the amount changed to zero (0) before clicking “Payment”.

  • No, the SNFCC is open to all and one does not have to be a Member in order to access its programs and services. The SNFCC Membership Program offers the opportunity to the public to support the SNFCC’s continuous operation and sustainability through their membership fee and to enjoy special benefits.

  • The Membership Program is a fundraising activity with the aim to contribute to the SNFCC’s future sustainability. Our Μembers’ subscriptions support the development of a multiplicity of programs and activities the SNFCC wishes to offer, with the mission to provide access to education, environment and culture for all. Therefore, there is no special pricing policy for groups of special interest.

For Members

  • You can either renew online via your profile or in person, during your visit at the SNFCC, at the Members’ Service Point (at the SNFCC NLG Reception). 

    If you wish to renew your subscription online, but you cannot log in to your profile, you can contact us either by email ( or by phone at the dedicated Member service line (+30) 216 8091 010, so that we then send you an email with a hyperlink through which, once logged in, you simply click "Payment" to renew your subscription.

    For any further information you may contact us at or call us at the dedicated Member service line.

  • Your Membership Card is strictly personal and is not transferable. Therefore, you should either renew your subscription online via our webpage, and have your Membership Card sent to the address you have stated or in person, during your visit at the SNFCC, at the Members’ Service Point (at the SNFCC NLG Reception). 

    In case you are unable to visit the SNFCC Members Service Point, and another person comes to renew your subscription, it is necessary to show an official authorization document.

  • Payments are accepted only through a debit or credit card for online transactions, either in cash or POS, onsite.


  • The 10% discount is also valid for purchases through the e-shop of the SNFCC Store by completing the seven-digit Member number in the corresponding box. You can browse the store by clicking here.

    A 10% Member discount also applies in all Food and Beverage outlets and Parking.

  • In order to receive the 10% Member discount, you simply scan your Membership Card at the Parking machine before entering. If your Membership has expired, then your card  will not be accepted. If your card is active and still not accepted, you can display it at the checkout cashier, to receive the discount manually.

    Kindly also check that the QR code on the back of your card isn't worn out. If so, you can contact the Member Service Point, to have it reprinted.

  • The Membership card is strictly personal and is not transferable. Therefore, only you can take advantage of your Membership benefits. You can see here the detailed program’s Terms & Conditions.

  • In this case, during your next visit to the SNFCC, you can contact the Member Service Point and request for your card to be reprinted. To reprint your card, your ID will be requested to confirm your details.

    Alternatively, you can use your digital card directly from your mobile screen or printed.

  • The permanent card will be sent to the postal address you stated during your registration within a few days of you registering. Until then, you can use your digital card. In case your Member pack returns to the SNFCC, you can pick it up from the Member Service Point during your next visit.

  • When Members only events are scheduled, you receive the relevant information electronically (SNFCC Members Newsletter), in the email you stated during your registration. For more information about the Members only events and the booking process, you can contact us via, at the exclusive Member Service line (+30) 216 8091 010 or visit our website here.

  • The participation of a Member’s guest is possible in specific Members’ events. Information on the participation of guests in Members only events is provided through the SNFCC Members Newsletter.

  • You can find the booking form for Members only events at the SNFCC Members Newsletter, which includes information about the event you are interested in, as well as the booking link. The SNFCC Members Newsletter is being sent on a regular basis to the email address you stated through your registration.

  • Our Members receive regular email communication regarding SNFCC’s news and events. In case you have not yet received our Members’ Newsletter, we suggest that you check your junk email folder. If you continue to not receive anything from us, please contact us at, so that we can add or modify your email address and confirm that we have your consent to contact you. Please include your Member ID or, if that is not available, your phone number.

  • In order to change your personal details, you can contact us at, including your Member ID and quoting the specific details you wish to change or add. If you do not remember your Member ID, please include your phone number.

    As an alternative, you may log in to your profile and change the details you wish.

  • You may log in to your profile online by following the steps below:

    • Click here to enter the SNFCC Membership Program website.
    • On a PC, click “Login” at the top right corner of your screen.
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Click “Login” in order to enter at your profile page.
    • On a mobile phone, select menu icon « ≡ » at the top of your screen and click on “Login”, following the steps above.

    If you do not remember your password, click “Forgot your password?”.

  • You may contact us on phone through the exclusive Members’ service line by calling at (+30) 216 809 1010 (daily, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.).

  • All Memberships which were active on March 9th onwards will be considered active until the SNFCC events resume. The extension in your subscription will be equal to the time period of our events’ suspension.