Defective Boy: Book Presentation - Εικόνα

As part of Athens Pride 2022, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in collaboration with Athens Pride are organizing the presentation of Sam Albatros’s book Defective Boy. The author, Sam Albatros, will be present at the book presentation.
The Defective Boy (Hestia Publishers) is the first openly queer novel to become a best-seller in Greece. The book is based on real-life events, sublimated in the context of fiction, and describes, at times with a sense of humor and at other times with a sense of tragedy, the adventures of a queer elementary-school child growing up in the homophobic countryside of Greece. A millennial who tries to play with whatever toys are available to them: their friends, pokémon, television, electronics, and the violence of the Greek provinces. Capturing the disenchantment, from a child’s world where everything is possible to a world with very specific (conservative) standards and values, the “defective boy” is exploring with raw honesty the concept of identity, gender, and the ways in which we are all defined by the environment in which we grow up, asking key questions that are (still!) puzzling to Greek society.
Many taboos of Greek society continue to be perpetuated simply because many adults are used to living with them and, thus, do not question them. In response to this way of existence, the book aims to help us look at the world through the eyes of a child, returning to that way of thinking where everything was fluid, where we would constantly ask why and challenge the restrictions imposed on us by adults and their society. All those groundless rules as to what a girl must be like, what a boy must be like, whom we are allowed to love or not, are the notions the book attempts to lambast and debunk.

The presentation will be followed by a book signing.
Also intervening will be:
Giorgos Kapoutzidis
Patricia Felisa Barbeito, translator & professor of American literature, Rhode Island School of Design

"Defective boy" (Greek edition, Hestia Publishers) is available at the SNFCC store.

Sunday 12/06 | 18.00

Free admission



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