Breakdance Workshop with B-Boy Junior - Εικόνα

A unique breakdance workshop with B-Boy Junior aimed at people with disabilities is organized at the SNFCC Agora, on Saturday September 10 at 18.00. During the workshop, the world-renowned B-Boy Junior will try to teach participants the first steps in breakdancing and pass on his love for dance.

As he had previously stated, “"I have always tried to turn my disability into an advantage. The best example is dancing. When I was little, I would dance along to Michael Jackson videos. To compensate for moves I couldn’t do, I came up with my own mix of gymnastics and martial arts – moves I could do on my hands.”

The workshop takes place as part of of Red Bull BC One, the biggest breakdance competition in the world that returns after 7 years in Greece. Immediately after the end of the workshop, at 19.00, 24 talented dancers will show on stage their dancing skills on the Red Bull BC One Cypher Greece and claim the title of the best Greek B-Boy and B-Girl, a chance to win the golden ticket at the BC One World Final. This year, after 18 years and many memorable world finals held in different cities, the final showdown will be held this year on November 12, 2022 in the birthplace of hip-hop in New York, for its 19th edition.

A few words about B-Boy Junior:

French Bosila Banya, aka B-Boy Junior, is one of the most iconic breakers in the history of the scene. Famous for his handstand acrobatics due to a leg disability, Junior has carved out a name for himself as a breaking legend in his own right. Under his belt are dozens of battle wins, solo and with his crew, spanning all the way from Battle of the Year in 2001 (with his crew Wanted Posse) and winning the Checkmate battle 2019 with the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

Saturday 10/09, 18.00

Free admission on a first-come first-served basis
In case of increased attendance, the workshop will be held in two 25' slots
Up to 12 participants per slot


About Red Bull BC One:

Red Bull BC One is the biggest and most prestigious one-on-one breaking competition in the world.

Every year, thousands of breakers compete at national dancing battles (cyphers) for a place in Last Chance Cypher. There they have to prove their talent and dancing skills to claim the chance to represent at the Red Bull BC One World Final.

Regarding the format of the competition, 12 B-Boys and 6 B-Girls have been selected from the top breaking teams of Greece, while the remaining 6 places – 4 in the men’s category and 2 in the women’s category – will be filled in the open qualifiers that will take place on the same day of the final, at 15:00, at the same venue.

Epic 1-on-1 battles, special styles, exciting rhythms and a cheering audience make up a unique breaking environment that is going to captivate and excite us all.

This years’ judges will be the BC One All Stars B-Boy Menno, holder of 3 worldwide championships, B-Boy Junior, and B-Girl San Andrea, while the event will be hosted by 12os Pithikos with the help of B-Boy Suspens. During the competition, the live music acts of Marseaux and Hatemost will thrill audience and contestants.

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