Creative Embroidery: Christmas stitches at the SNFCC - Εικόνα

Creative embroidery workshops go online in Christmas mode!

Thus, in December we are going to embroider two designs inspired by greek tradition: the christmas wreath and the greek boat. 

The workshop is designed not only for those that are not familiar with embroidery, but also for the more experienced. 

Starting by choosing the most suitable fabric to embroider, we will be guided through basic embroidery techniques until we have a complete piece of work in our hands.  

Design-Implementation: Ekaterini and Nicoletta Christopoulou/50 Stitches of Greece


Sunday 20/12: Christmas wreath 
Sunday 27/12: Christmas boat


For adults
Free admission by online pre-registration (the workshop is conducted in Greek)

For the workshop held on 20/12, preregistration starts on Monday 14/12 at 12.00

Up to 30 participants
For the workshopheld on 27/12, preregistration starts on Friday 18/12 at 12.00

Members enjoy another exclusive workshop

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