Drawing Workshop: Guess what it looks like - Εικόνα

* The workshop on 04/06 will take place on Sunday 12/06 at 18.00 in the Mediterranean Garden.

Let us for a minute try to “walk in the shoes” of a small animal, e.g. an arthropod such as the spider, a giant version of which is seen in Louise Bourgeois’s sculpture Maman, currently on display at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. How could we survive without shelter? Each creature has the appearance, form and skills that allow it to survive. Thus, the spider’s form and ability to weave its web—which may appear frightening at first—are essentially its means of survival. 

If we take a closer look at the spider, what do we notice? The area underneath the sculpture, its shape, looks like an upside-down nest. Or perhaps a shelter? It is a space enveloped by the spider’s slim legs, protected and kept safe and secure. Nature as a whole is the great shelter ensuring our safe survival. Not only the survival of humans, but of all nature’s creatures. Nature is a safe haven that we share with plants and animals.

In this drawing and observation workshop, we draw inspiration from nature and Louise Bourgeois’s sculpture Maman, on display at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, as well as from a series of drawings/prints of the same artist that belong to the collection of MoMA. Employing natural materials (tree branches, stones), paper and colored pencils, we create shapes and forms and capture them on paper.  

The workshop’s aim is to become familiar with the form of the spider, which will gradually lead to exploring our relationship with nature (animal/plant kingdom) and our place in it.

Design - Implementation:  Antigone Michalakopoulou, Visual Artist, Architect, Art Teacher.

Workshop support: Despina Flessa, Visual Artist. 

Saturday 16/04 | 17.00-18.30 
Saturday 07 & 21/05 | 17.00-18.30 
Saturday 12/06 | 18.00-19.30*

Duration: 90’ 


For children 8-12 years old | Up to 20 participants
Free entry via online pre-registration

For the activity on 16/04 pre-registrations start on Monday 11/04 at 12.00
For the activity on 07/05 pre-registrations start on Monday 02/05 at 12.00
For the activity on 21/05 pre-registrations start on Monday 16/05 at 12.00
For the activity on 04/06 pre-registrations start on Monday 30/05 at 12.00

 Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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