Street Soccer 5Χ5 - Εικόνα

The SNFCC’s School Programs invite students to participate in recreational activities at Stavros Niarchos Park!

Any school class wishing to do so can make the relevant reservation to partake in short leisure activities that take place daily between 09:00 and 12:30.

Each class may reserve up to 2 time slots in one or more activities.  

While at the site of the respective activity on SNFCC premises, students must be accompanied at all times by a teacher, who is responsible for making sure that the different groups of students maintain physical distancing and do not mix.

Select the day you wish to join in the school activities and make a reservation here

School Activities:

1. Let’s Dance 

In this dance, we all become one! We follow the beat and steps of the dance group’s dynamic choreography, become one and dance with no restrictions!

Design - Implementation: NPO Regeneration & Progress

For all school grades & Special Education groups

Duration of activity 30' - 1 class per time slot

2. Olympic Ball Games

Playing ball games in teams, children become acquainted with Olympic team sports, while also working together and socializing in the SNFCC Outdoor Games Area. Basketball, football, rugby, handball, and volleyball are waiting for us to enjoy them. 

Design - Implementation: NPO Regeneration & Progress

For all school grades & Special Education groupsΧ

Duration of activity 40' - 1 class per time slot

3. Give Me Five! Join in the world’s greatest trivia game of the SNFCC

The SNFCC School Programs have turned 5, and have been transformed into a “board game” at Stavros Niarchos Park! The SNFCC invites you to a trivia game of massive proportions! What do we know about Sustainability, Art, Public Space, Sports & Well-being?

Let’s join in the competition and find out! 

For students of the 2nd grade of primary school up to the 1st grade of High School (Lykeio) 

Duration of activity 60' - 1 class per time slot

All protective measures are observed during the SNFCC’s School Programs. 

In the event of rain or bad weather, the activities will be canceled, and there are no indoor areas available for the students to remain on SNFCC premises. The program of activities offered in the context of School Visits is subject to change due to limited accessibility to certain parts of the SNFCC.

Participation in School Activities is free of charge, thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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