Scavenger Hunt: A musical time machine - Εικόνα

A different scavenger hunt, filled with music, dance, song, and colors. A journey through the decades of music history. 

Two people from the future decide to build a time machine to travel to previous decades, in order to get to know and remember music trends.

Invited to participate in the activity are children and their parents/guardians, aiming to explore the diversity of each period, learn, have fun, and eventually discover that rhythm is within us — we are dancing for ourselves, not for others!

Design-Implementation: Regeneration & Progress

GREAT LAWN (Starting Point) 

For families with children from 4 years and up

Saturday 28/05 | 15.00–16.00 & 16.00-17.00

Sunday 29/05 | 15.00–16.00 & 16.00-17.00


Up to 60 participants (30 children and 30 attendances) / slot 

Free admission on a first-come first-served basis 

Registration for each activity starts 30 minutes before the event's commencement.

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