Water Fight Races  - Εικόνα

A series of games with a lot of water will bring back to everyone's memories the water fights that we played as children when school was over. Water guns, water pumps, and water transports are waiting for you at the Park's running track for play and fun.

Wednesday 27/7 | 18.30-20.30


For participants aged 6+
Up to 50 participants per 30' with online pre-registration 

Pre-registration starts on Wednesday 20/07, at 12.00

  • For your participation, you have to be at the allocated space 15 minutes before the event commences.
  • Online reservations are canceled 15 minutes before the event commences, if their holders are not present at the allocated space.


 Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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