Members’ Meetup: Domestic animals in the service of science | Introduction to Zootherapy - Εικόνα

What is Zootherapy? In which fields can it apply? Can a trained animal positively affect people who face difficulties or are suffering from a disease; and if so, how? Can any animal provide healing? What is the difference between a visiting dog and professional zootherapy?

These and many more questions will be addressed at the Members’ Meetup in October, the month’s theme being inspired by World Animal Day (October 4). Participants will be sharing their concerns, ideas, facts, data, experiences, and immersively engage in a conversation that will be exploring relevant aspects. 

Design - Implementation: Evgenia Karazioti, zootherapist and canine behaviorist & trainer

Friday 07/10 | 18.00 – 20.30

Up to 20 entries – For Members and their guest
Free entry via online pre-registration

About Zootherapy:

In recent years, Zootherapy has been rapidly developing into a pioneering tool in the service of human Health. 

It is a method that promotes a natural and beneficial relationship between domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, donkeys, horses, guinea-pigs) and humans, involving interventions in the context of therapy for children, adults and the elderly, in which the animal acts as a mediator, as a living assistant. Zootherapy  is based on the animal’s ability to be reciprocal, in its capacity to be a receptor of human emotions, and in its ability to mobilize, activate, establish an emotional connection, encourage and set boundaries, adapting its behavior to the difficulties or pathology of a person undergoing therapy. 

About the coordinator:

Evgenia is a kindergarten teacher; a graduate of the School of Early Childhood Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), she has pursued postgraduate studies in “Psychopedagogy of Integration: One school for all” at the AUTH Medical School, and has attended the two-year educational program “Psychopathology of children and adolescents: From infant to teenager.”  She is certified as a zootherapist by the Institut Français de Zootherapie, and as a canine behaviorist & trainer by Kynagon (member of ICAN – International Companion Animal Network).  She works as a special ed teacher at “Warm Embrace,” an early childhood intervention unit at “Merimna Paidiou” nursery and kindergarten.

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