Cycling activity: Young and old mechanics - Εικόνα

A unique bicycle workshop for children and adults that makes minor repairs on your bike feel like play!

Young and old “mechanics” learn how to change tires, how to properly clean and lubricate their bike, how to fine-tune the brakes and shifters, how to adjust the seat height correctly — all this, in an easy and fun way!

Through this program, children learn from an early age to love and care for their bike while playing, and adults acquire the basic knowledge necessary to meet the most common needs of a bicycle.
Design-Implementation: MBike

Saturday 02/07 | 17.00-21.00

Up to 12 participants (6 children and 6 attendances) / slot
Each slot has a duration of 40'


Free admission by online pre-registration (the activity is conducted in Greek)

For the activity on 02/07, pre-registration starts on Monday 27/06 at 12.00

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