DJ Set | Jazzie B - Εικόνα

It was 1988, and Great Britain was living the high point of the electronica dance revolution and the “Second Summer of Love.” Soul II Soul found themselves in the spotlight, offering two of the period's anthems, “Keep On Movin’” and “Back To Life (However Do You Want Me),” combining the happenings of the parties in London warehouses with the rich African-British musical tradition. 

Jazzie B, the ninth of ten immigrant children from Antigua of the Caribbean, was the orchestrator of the situation set up by Soul II Soul, based at the legendary Africa Centre in Covent Garden. A music producer, DJ, records salesman in Camden, founder of labels that circulated clothes and albums, he became a central figure of the cultural transition that changed the youth culture on the Island.

The rest is history. Soul II Soul have sold more than 10 million albums (with their hits being included in over 200 compilations), and given concerts at the most renowned venues around the world, including the Wembley Stadium. In 1990, they were awarded two Grammys, and even saw a “Soul II Soul Day” being established in the USA. Jazzie B continues to promote the vision of sound systems across the globe, with DJ sets, TV appearances and radio shows, and even starring in comic books. 

Sunday 21/05 | 18.30 - 20.30

Free entrance

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