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🚌 The Shuttle Bus line, Sleepless at the SNFCC, will run additional routes from SNFCC to Syntagma: 01/08: 23.30 & 02/08: 00.30, 02.00, 04.00 & 08.00.

✨ Don't forget your sleeping bag! Let's turn the Great Lawn into a big camping - without tents.

🎬 Movie screenings: Viewers are advised to bring mosquito-repellent, as well as a throw or blanket to spread on the ground.

🍴 The Park Kiosk will operate throughout the night, while additional food and beverage spots will operate with extended hours, until late at night.

🐕 Pets are welcome in all outdoor areas of the SNFCC, except the Great Lawn and Playgrounds.


On Tuesday, August 1st, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is welcoming the biggest full moon of the summer, inviting everyone to spend the evening at the Park and experience an extraordinary night.

A cinematic marathon until dawn is set up at the Great Lawn, screening favorite films that feature love, the night and the full moon as a shared point of reference; a Silent Disco party is set up at the Mediterranean Garden, featuring many different kinds of music and... deafening silence; water bikes are supplied for idyllic tours of the Canal, one of the most distinctive features of the SNFCC; and the Park Kiosk is reeling in those who love trivia, imagination and strategy games. A little further down, at the Southern Walks, body and mind connect through meditation exercises and Hatha Yoga classes for all during sundown and sunup.

Gear up and join us — and don’t forget to bring along your sleeping bag!

All activities are offered to the public free of charge thanks to a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Movies at the Great Lawn

Under the full moon of August, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, on the first day of the month, the SNFCC’s Great Lawn is hosting a cinematic marathon curated by Elias Fragoulis.

Two animated dogs discover love while eating spaghetti under the moonlight; a misunderstood man who is persecuted by half the people of Manhattan can’t wait until dawn to find deliverance; an insomniac gets into an entire night of trouble with the outlaws of Los Angeles; an American college boy suffers a mysterious bite which, combined with the full moon, makes him see life from a... bestial viewpoint; and an undead Count thirsts for blood which he must get before the first rays of the sun appear and he must return to his coffin. What a night!


Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske

The romantic story of the relationship between a pampered, well-bred Cocker Spaniel and a stray kind-hearted mutt. The Disney studio's 15th animated feature film is one of the most beloved movies of all time among audiences of all ages, and the scene of the two four-legged protagonists accidentally kissing while eating spaghetti under the moonlight is among the most moving and iconic ones in film history — as incredible as it may sound, Walt Disney had asked that this scene be cut from the film! (Screening with Greek dubbing.)

AFTER HOURS (1985) 97’

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Paul goes out for a night walk, intending to meet a girl who may be flirting with him, but he loses his money, comes across all sorts of crazies in Manhattan's SoHo district, and hopes to make it out alive until sunup! Black comedy (if not cinema of the absurd) meets a Kafkaesque nightmare (an entire scene of the film is based on Kafka’s “Before the Law” story) in one of Scorsese’s most overlooked films. Best Director Award at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival.

INTO THE NIGHT (1985) 115’

Directed by: John Landis

Upon discovering that his wife is having an affair, an aerospace engineer and depressed insomniac drives around the streets of nighttime Los Angeles, ending up at LAX, where he comes across a charming jewel smuggler who begs him to protect her. Bordering on black comedy, this action thriller features Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer as an odd couple on the scent of dangerous hitman David Bowie, while B.B. King floods the film with famous blues tunes. Film aficionados will have loads of fun discovering cameo appearances by famous directors!


Directed by: John Landis

As two American college boys are trekking across the British countryside, one of them gest bitten by a mysterious creature on a full moon night. Bet you can guess what ensues. The werewolf hype revived in the summer of ’81 thanks to Rick Baker’s Oscar-winning makeup for the scenes of David Naughton’s transformation, which made utterly shocked viewers actually turn their heads away from the big screen! The box office success of the film had a substantial impact on the genre of horror comedies.


Directed by: Terence Fisher

In 1885, Jonathan Harker arrives at Count Dracula's castle to work as librarian, although his real purpose is to exterminate the Count. To get back at him, Dracula will target his loved ones but Dr. Van Helsing will get in his way. The first vampire film starring Christopher Lee in the title role created a cinematic myth, with the British actor adding an unprecedented dose of hedonistic eroticism to the role, provoking the censorship authorities of the time.

Silent Disco at the Mediterranean Garden

The SNFCC Mediterranean Garden is hosting a different kind of party, featuring lots of music, no speakers and many wireless headphones! Two DJs are mixing live various different kinds of music, and the audience chooses what to hear on their headphones at the touch of a button. An original mode of expression where all together (and each one alone) dance and have fun at an outdoor club where, once the headphones come off, absolute silence reigns. The Silent Disco parties became widely known during the mid-2000s, when they appeared at Glastonbury Festival. From then on, these mobile “silent” parties began to spread around the world with huge success.

Water Bikes at the Canal

Enjoy an idyllic boating experience under the moonlight, at one of the most representative spots of the SNFCC. The Canal is designed to redefine the relationship between land and sea, not only in terms of the view but also in terms of the water's physical presence in the area. It is 400 meters long, 30 meters side, and 70 to 150 centimeters deep. It spans between, and along, the SNFCC building compound and the Esplanade, creating a metaphorical continuation of the sea from the coast of Faliro to the SNFCC.

Game Zone at the Park Kiosk

Discover the world of team games and experience fascinating moments with your family and friends.

The trivia game Pes Vres [Say Find] combines knowledge, wit and competitiveness, offering lots of laughs and fun to all participants. The team of developers designed a game especially for the Full Moon Sleepover, featuring the questions displayed on a screen and a game host.

In addition, popular strategy, imagination and skill board games for all ages are on offer, to engage you constructively, for hours on end, combining thought, creativity and entertainment.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation at the Southern Walks

We are welcoming the biggest Full Moon of the year with Hatha Yoga and Meditation at the Southern Walks. The dawn of the following day finds us on the same spot for a morning Hatha Yoga class and Sunbreath Meditation. All classes are at a mild and moderate pace, so that people who are unfamiliar with yoga are able to participate seamlessly while advanced yoga practitioners can delve deeper into their technique.

Tuesday 01/08
Great Lawn

Free admission

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