Park Your Cinema Kids: Remi, Nobody’s Boy (2018) - Εικόνα

In this summer’s Park Your Cinema Kids, we invite our young film buffs and their families to discover incredible heroes in worlds that defy the imagination, to embrace tales based on compassion, and to build bridges that abolish differences and create a universe of love and trust.

In all of these stories, the heroes break away from the safety of their world (like Elsa and Anna, who seek the truth beyond Arendelle), choose their unexpected families (like Paddington, the lovable bear, in London), meet the friends with whom they’ll share unforgettable adventures (like the boy who forges an unbreakable bond with the Iron Giant), choose kindness over prejudice (like Shaun the Sheep, when he comes across an alien weed) and, of course, the adventure that makes all of this possible (like the revelation of the Giant Pear). 

Every day, kids are faced with the reminder that the world around us is not black and white: it is multicolored, multifaceted, complex, like these wonderful films chosen by the Athens International Children’s Film Festival, which make up the most exciting summer cinema season at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

 Remi, Nobody’s Boy: 

 Remi, an orphan boy, grows up with his adoptive mother until the age of ten, when he is snatched away and finds himself under the guardianship of a mysterious itinerant performer. Alongside him, he learns about the harsh life of a traveling troupe, where he sings to earn his living. Accompanied by his faithful dog and a little monkey, Remi travels all over France and, through chance meetings, friendships and loneliness, eventually learns the secret of his origins. Based on Hector Malot’s classic masterpiece of French literature Sans Famille, a favorite of many generations of children the world over, the film adaptation “Remi, Nobody’s Boy” brings the story of little Remi to the silver screen for the very first time, in a contemporary, epic film with a modern feel, wonderful sets, a nostalgic atmosphere and a moving and, above all, optimistic coming-of-age tale that will appeal to young and old alike. 
Direction: Antoine Blossier

Dubbed in Greek.

Duration: 85'


Saturday 26/06 | 21.00


Entry is free.

For your own safety and in compliance with the measures for maintaining distances as defined by the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, we have designed a special layout at the Great Lawn, with signs indicating the spots where 2 people or families of up to 4 people may sit.

The use of face mask and social distancing measures are mandatory in indoor and outdoor areas of the SNFCC, in accordance with Hellenic National Public Health Organization regulations.

*Viewers are advised to bring mosquito-repellent, as well as a throw or blanket to spread on the ground.


There will be no waiting list. According to the protection measures against COVID-19, on the occasion of the exceedance of the Great Lawn’s visitors maximum capacity, the film screening will be cancelled. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants.

Park your cinema and Park your cinema Kids series are free and open to all, thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 

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