Sculpture Workshop: Transformations of Materials - Εικόνα

Inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois, particularly by the fact that she reused materials associated with every period of her life, visual artist Maro Michalakakou will be conducting a series of sculpture workshops for children aged 7 to 10, at the Mediterranean Garden of the SNFCC, starting in July.

We will be creating sculptures using simple everyday materials (participants may bring along materials from home!), which we will combine with clay, paper, etc.

In each workshop, we will draw inspiration from a different work by Louise Bourgeois:
The iconic Maman will lead us to focus on other insects, and apply some basic principles of physics on our sculptures.
Inspired by the Spiral Woman, we will create small-sized human forms, which we can hang up in our rooms.
Lastly, we will be drawing inspiration from Bourgeois’s maxim that “our body [may be viewed] ... as a land with mounds and valleys and caves and holes... [It] is a figuration that appears in Mother Earth,” and will produce some relief creations.

Design - Implementation: Maro Michalakakou, visual artist
Workshop support: Dimitris Gketsis, visual artist

Monday 04/07 &  Thurday 28/07 

Monday 29/08 

Monday 05/09 

For children 7 to 10 years old | Up to 20 participants


Free entry via online pre-registration

For the activity on 04/07, pre-registration starts on Monday 27/06 at 12.00
For the activity on 28/07, pre-registration starts on Thursday 21/07 at 12.00
For the activity on 29/08, pre-registration starts on Monday 22/08 at 12.00
For the activity on
 05/09, pre-registration starts on Monday 29/08 at 12.00

Due to public health measures, there may be changes regarding either the staging of the event, or the maximum number of participants. 

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