28 April 2014

The “Journey to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center” continues in various Municipalities across Attica, through the public’s open participation in free cultural and educational events, carried out as part of the program of the same name. The main purpose of the program is to acquaint the citizens with the SNFCC and its philosophy, as well as to cultivate a fresh culture, through which the country’s contemporary citizens may openly engage with the project that is soon to regenerate their everyday lives. 

The next stop of the “Journey to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center” program is the Municipality of Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Renti, where, between April 26th and July 9th, there will be a number open events, which will give citizens a first taste of the services that will be offered, in approximately two years’ time, by the SNFCC: open access to Education and the Arts, and the promotion of urban green spaces.  

Events at the Municipality of Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Renti launched on the 26th of April at the Library of Rentis, with the educational and recreational workshop “From my house to the SNFCC”, which, with the help of a portable box, “transported” local residents of all ages to the future reality of the SNFCC. The educational workshop will be repeated at the Library of Nikaia during the first week of June. 

On the 30th of April, residents of the municipality will have the opportunity to enjoy an “Opera in a suitcase” performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni by the Greek National Opera. The brand new Cultural Multipurpose Venue “Manos Loizos” will welcome the audience, presenting the story of the nobleman Don Giovanni under the contemporary direction of Alexandros Efkleidis. For the audience’s convenience, priority tickets will be issued an hour before the start of the show.  

The participation of Municipality of Nikaia-Agios Ioannis Renti in the “Journey to the SNFCC” program also includes bringing citizens in direct contact with the project, through two organized guided tours to the Visitors Center and the construction site of the SNFCC: the first tour will take place on May 3rd, through the Municipal Library of Rentis, and the second on June 14th, through the Municipal Library of Nikaia. There, the public will have the opportunity to tour the site that will soon be “flooded” with music, books, and open green spaces, and see for themselves the designs for this major project and the progress of the works. Anyone interested in joining the tours must register at the Municipal Libraries.

For those who love the cinema and want to be introduced to its secrets, the “Journey to the SNFCC” includes filmmaking workshops for the creation of amateur films. In particular, the workshop at the Library of Rentis begins on April 28th, and at the Library of Nikaia on June 23rd, and participants will receive 20 hours of theory and hands-on practice.  Anyone wishing to take part must register in advance at the Municipal Libraries.

See the full schedule of events here or on the SNFCC website.

The “Journey to the SNFCC” Program is carried out by the SNFCC in conjunction with the GNO, the NLGFuture Library and WWF Greece, through an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Simultaneous events at the Municipalities of Metamorfosi and Piraeus:

During the same period, on May 10th and 11th, two additional organized guided tours to the Visitors Center and the construction site of the SNFCC have been scheduled for residents of the Municipality of Piraeus and Metamorfosi, respectively.

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