13 May 2014

The portal The Toc presents the SNFCC through interviews with Elly Andriopoulou, COO of the SNFCC, and Yiannis Trohopoulos, Managing Director of the SNFCC, who spoke about the vision and the progress of the project.

hosts an interview by Yiannis Trohopoulos and Elli Andriopoulou on the SNFCC project. The project’s innovative characteristics are presented, with an emphasis on the SNFCC’s development and the way that it will change the city’s life and the citizens’ way of thinking. Specifically, Mr. Trohopoulos refers to SNFCC’s philosophy, its future operation and the way it will benefit cultural institutions and locations in the city center. Accordingly, Ms. Andriopoulou refers to the project’s development putting also the focus on the governmental commission already in force which prepares the SNFCC’s smooth operation.

To view the interview, click here.

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