Kayaking the Canal - Εικόνα

The Canal is one of the iconic areas of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. It was designed in a way to redefine the relationship between the Center and the waterfront, not only in terms of the view but also physically incorporating the element of water.

Measuring 400 meters long, 30 meters wide, and 70 to 150 cm deep, it unfolds between and alongside the building complex and the Esplanade, establishing continuity with the sea and linking SNFCC with the Faliro coast. On the opposite side of the Canal, the terraced marble seating is perfect for hosting improvised performances, while the area nearby is ideally suited for a stroll with a view to SNFCC’s glass façade.

The Canal is not only an attractive landscape feature, but hosts weekly sailing and kayaking lessons for children and adults.

The Canal is fed with water from the sea, which is returned to the sea, in a continuous flow, after being filtered. Inevitably, algae (a natural part of the marine ecosystem) grow.

SNFCC’s strict environmental specifications defined by our LEED Platinum certification prohibit treating with chlorine or other chemical agents. Instead, two robotic systems operate continuously, partially removing algae from the Canal's bottom.

In addition, scheduled maintenance of the Canal, which lasts about four weeks, takes place once or twice a year, including draining the Canal, cleaning the bottom with brushes and pressurized water, and cleaning the pipelines and pumping stations.