Athens Photo World 2021: Paolo Pellegrin “As I was dying” - Εικόνα

*The exhibition is extended until Monday 5/9

"As I was Dying" is the first ever showing in Greece of the work of Paolo Pellegrin, Italian photographer and member of the international Magnum agency. Based on his book of the same title, the exhibition reveals the photographer’s emotive gaze that transports viewers to the front lines of the human drama of contemporary history. Pellegrin captures moments of pain, struggle and strength, in places far and wide, and with people as their common denominator. Japan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Albania, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Liberia, Sudan, Angola, Haiti, Kosovo, Cuba, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, the Vatican and France, diverse places and people parade before our eyes through Pellegrin’s black and white frames. Light, darkness, bodies and expressions are the stars of the photographer’s shots, often in unusual configurations and with an intensity that bursts out of the two-dimensional images to demand the viewer’s attention and contemplation. 

Athens Photo World is realized thanks to a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Education in Athens. 

01/08 – 05/09

Atrium, Level 4, NLG


Photo credits: Paolo Pellegrin 

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